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In-Home Or Online Tutoring

You do not need to travel anywhere on a particular day or time. We have a customer-convenience focus, for this reason our tutors will come to your home or meet online. All tutors carry valid Working With Children Checks and are able to provide proof of this upon request.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Our weekly 1-on-1 tutoring does absolute wonders in improving the confidence of children across Australia. Students are not struggling because they are unintelligent, most times it is because of the lack of individual attention. LGT’s 1-on-1 tutoring standards are second to none.

Online Tutoring

Connect with one of our amazing tutors in our online classroom. With video chat, shared whiteboard and pop-quizzes, it is as close to in-person tutoring as you can get!

Tutors For Everyone

No matter what you level you are at, we’ve got amazing tutors ready to help.
Daniel H.

Keysborough, VIC

99.60 ATAR 

Hey I’m Daniel and I tutor English (45), History (44), Psychology (50), Further Math (50) and Sociology (47). I graduated VCE with an ATAR of 99.60 and I am currently in my 1st Year studying a Bachelor of Law/Global Studies at Monash University. I really look forward to helping you excel!

Vanessa L.

Crows Nest, NSW

98.75 ATAR 

Hey I’m Vanessa and I tutor PDHPE (98), Biology(93), Mathematics(91), Mathematics extension 1(90), English advanced(95) and English extension 1(94) . I am currently in my 1st Year studying a Bachelor of medical science/advanced studies at…

Gareth W.

Teneriffe, QLD

OP1, (99+) ATAR 

Hi I’m Gareth and I tutor English (A grade/VHA), Maths A (A+ grade/VHA), Economics (A grade/VHA), Modern History (A+ grade/VHA) and Geography (A+ grade/VHA). I graduated with an OP 1 (equiv. ATAR of 99.00) and I am currently in my 1st year studying a Bachelors of…

All About Our Tutors...

Working With Children Checks

Unfortunately, the tutoring marketplace in Australia is still filled with tutors who conduct classes without carrying valid working with children checks. This is mostly due to the check costing over $100 in most states. This puts children at risk as it is absolutely necassary for any individual working with minors to have a valid check. For this reason, all tutors in LGT Tutoring are required to either carry a valid check or apply & be approved before their first lesson. 

For more information on the check please click here 

Past High Achievers, Top 5%

We are famous for our strict hiring of the brightest young minds in the state. Our idea is…your child is being taught by mature-aged teachers for 30 hours a week, why bring the classroom home? Our tutors are the role-models students look up to, especially tutors who have produced the results they aspire to achieve. As a team, we have helped over 1000 students turn around their academic struggles and we plan on continuing to do so!

Rigirous Application Process.

It is possible for tutors to be incredibly smart, but not be able to communicate their understanding of the content well. For this reason, we have an extensive application, vetting & review processes. Here is a very brief overview:

  1. Tutor Submits Application (Inc. Subject scores, professional resume & references).
  2. Application is approved and if a tutor meets our criteria they are conditionally approved.
  3. They must then complete training & pass test at a satisfactory level.
  4. Tutors must then sign contracts, upload personal details and provide proof of scores (copies of their official documentation).
  5. Their account is then reviewed by Joe Charbine, LGT’s General Manager.
  6. Selected tutors are approved and are welcomed into the team.
  7. New tutors are subject to regular reviewing in the beginning, to ensure that students are enjoying their lessons.
  8. Under performing tutors are identified & not passed further students. 


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