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Are you looking for private tutoring in Melbourne?

Are you looking for private tutoring in Melbourne?

The causes of problems or learning difficulties in school can be manifold, but are not a reason to despair. Each pupil has individual learning problems or needs, which we identify with you at the beginning in a detailed consultation on site and then create an optimal support plan, which is tailored exactly to your child. With this individual development plan, your child starts private lessons. The private lesson is always divided into six teaching phases in order to give your child the necessary confidence when learning. There is the welcome phase, the learning objective agreement, the development, the safeguarding of what has been learned, the reflection and the farewell.

Professional tutoring at LGT Tutors 

Here at LGT, we have a large network of private tutoring locations, for example in Melbourne and many other locations, so that we can also offer private tutoring in your area. In our age-appropriate classrooms, students find very good conditions for a relaxed learning atmosphere. This confirms the good quality of our tutoring institutes and provides parents with decision support in their search for qualified tutoring.

What benefits can private tutoring in Melbourne do?

  • Individual support: recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the student, eliminate lack of motivation
  • Developing, deepening, closing gaps
  • Teaching of learning techniques, learning tips
  • concentration exercises

A good tutor will know where a student’s problems are starting. He gives tips and hints for suitable learning techniques. Students dare to do more, divide their time better and dismantle examination fears. In addition, the relationship with the parents relaxes.

Which private tutoring Melbourne offers for tutoring are there? 

Before parents consider a particular form of tutoring, they should have a counseling interview with the class or subject teacher. He can judge whether it is a general overload or isolated knowledge gaps. Together, a suitable follow-up action can then be determined. Incidentally, parents are the worse tutor because they are too close to the child and do not muster the necessary patience.

  • Many schools organize tuition themselves, which you can use for a small fee. Lessons are given to older students in subjects in which they have fun and therefore also good grades. The adolescent “teachers” know what is required. They know the preferences and tricks of the educators. •Students or retired teachers can often give you a good tutoring.
  • If you do not find such a solution, there is an innovative and flexible tuition market, which has mainly established itself on the Internet. Here are the most varied tutoring offers.
  • You can also use a professional tutoring institute. Here, the students are usually taught in groups (about 3 to 5 students). The group composition is based on age, subject and type of school (high school or middle school). The courses have fixed lessons (usually two double lessons of 90 minutes per week) and the courses usually take six months.
  • For children who are easily distracted, private lessons are optimal – but also more costly.
  • Not to forget are PC and Internet. These also offer some options, such as learning software.
  • There are also holiday courses and special courses for specific exam preparation.


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Individual or group lessons

“How is the group size? Many students appreciate small learning groups with diverse mutual support and the realization that you are not the only one with difficulties in a subject. However, it is important that the group is as homogeneous as possible in terms of subject and age and does not exceed five pupils.

Individual tuition does not always have to be the most effective form of tutoring. But there are also cases – for example with specific learning difficulties or exotic subjects – where individual tuition is the better choice.

Prices and current offers

The cost of tutoring depends on your child’s individual needs and on how many subjects your child needs support in, how often he or she receives tutoring per week and whether you want small groups (from three to five students), one-to-one lessons or tutoring online. This gives you the best possible support at a very good price-performance ratio. You can even test our lessons free of charge and convince yourself directly of the advantages in the study circle.

Looking for online private tutoring in Melbourne? 

If the nearest private tutoring school is too far or your child only has time for private tutoring on weekends? Then our offer of online tutoring is just right for you. Your child will be taught by a qualified tutor like in our local tutoring institutes – with the difference that the lessons are held via video chat. Pupils can also use our learning platform with exercises and videos on many topics from all class levels or get online help with their homework via video chat. Further advantages are: You have no travel time and costs, you can book the lessons flexibly and at short notice and determine your own learning location (at home, on holiday …). With the study circle on-line more than 50 subjects are bookable.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today!

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