We Know What You Did Last Summer

April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018 Tutors Australia

Schools back Class of 2017! First day of school used to revolve around finding creative ways to get out of handing in unattempted holiday homework, decorating lockers and wasting the first lesson with “introduce the person next to you” activities. Yeah, those were the good old days…

Although this year, the first day of term is essentially going to be no different; you’ll still have holiday homework to hand in, stash your locker with junk food and meet the new comers, it’s crucial to use this day to really set the tone for the rest of what will be your final year. Aside from checking out the newly launched LGT Academy for free VCE content, If you really want to have a productive year, where you are focussed, determined and have a clear goal in your head; let your actions reflect that from the very beginning of this journey to train your own discipline. The way you apply yourself from the first day can change your entire journey.

You’ll step into school that first morning with a clean slate. Forget about your previous results, stereotypes and friendship beef. Everyone is on a equal playing field. But mostly, have faith that the system is fair, whereby how much work you put in will truly reflect the end result. This year is the first time you’ll see 13 years of education finally pay off. Strive for your own definition of excellence in this final leg of your high school journey and avoid taking short cuts.

This year is yours for the taking. You’ll be given opportunity after opportunity to prove yourself as deserving of finishing on top. But now it’s entirely your responsibility to make the most of those opportunities. Teachers won’t chase you down for homework or overdue assignments anymore; that’s now all on you. In reality, taking full responsibility for your own education extends beyond meeting set deadlines to asking teachers for more work than others, pre-reading before the class and asking for feedback when everyone else accepts something is just “wrong”. The list goes on…

Be prepared to fend for yourself this year.

However, it’s pivotal that before you even touch the curriculum you set a goal score for each subject. At the front of each folder, write down a study score for each subject and a plan for how you are going to get there. You’ll appreciate having it there to constantly remind yourself, that you deserve nothing less than that score if you follow your own plan. This becomes your true goal that you need to cement this into your mind for the road ahead.

Undeniably, there are going to be times when you are going to doubt yourself. But having that final true goal physically written will prevent yourself from lowering your standards to avoid disappointment and push you to give 110%. It’s no secret that Year 12 is the most academically challenging, emotionally draining year full of endings; but it’s also the most rewarding and empowering year filled with new beginnings.

Welcome to Year 12, Class of 2017! Let the journey begin.

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