Don’t Miss Out On These 3 Essential Hacks – 2.5 Months Left It’s Go Time!

April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018 Tutors Australia

1. Studying is not meant to be fun!


You may not be enjoying every minute of studying, every practice exam or every book that you have to read. You may not enjoy having to say no to going out and sacrificing watching your favorite TV show ?

That is okay.

It’s all going to contribute to the sense of accomplishment you’re going to feel when this is all done.

There will be no better feeling than finishing this year knowing that you gave it everything that you had.

Just over three months to go before the first English exam – now is the time to make the sacrifices, to keep your head down and to go all out!



2. Practice exams is where it’s at.

You can find past VCE exams off the VCAA website by clicking here 

An important tip we have for all students heading towards their VCE exams is to make sure practice exams are what you spend a lot of your time focusing on. 

Yes, make sure that you understand the content, we are not encouraging against that. The reality however, is even if you understood the content in your text books from front to back – that won’t guarantee a 100% mark.

You must strategically approach preparing for your exams.

This means…

  • Doing I lot of practice.
  • Doing practice exams under exam conditions.
  • Having someone else mark your exams other than yourself (a friend or foe; preferably a foe so that they are harsh in their marking?)

The only way you’re going to get for full marks is if you practice your way towards it.


3. Strength in numbers (but not too many, more like 3 people)

Another huge way to gain an advantage leading up to your 12 exams, is to form a solid study group.

If you can get together with other people who are aiming to get similar results to you, studying together will be immensely beneficial. A wise man once said “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – so find yourself five people who are going to get an ATAR between 90 and 99 and you’ll be set ?

A huge cause of procrastination is getting stuck on a question or concepts. If you are in a group, you will be able to immediately get help from a peer who has done the question or at least understands the concept. This will keep your productivity levels high and have you moving forward stress-free.

More so, when you see people around you studying those extra hours – it’s going to encourage you to do the same. Your buddy does a practice exam… Well I guess now you need to do a practice exam!

The group should ideally be comprised of 3 people. Don’t be shy, approach those individuals you think you’d work well with and put forward the suggestion 


We wish you all the best!

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