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#TutorsofLGT | Interview With Alana Tobgui

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English Language Tutor | An Interview with Alana Tobui, This Weeks Featured #tutorsofLGT


As part of our #tutorsofLGT campaign, this week we are featuring one of LGT’s top English Language Tutors, Alana Tobgui. As a Platinum English Language tutor, she has conducted well over 50 hours worth of private tutoring and has earned her spot as one of LGT’s most active Tutors of 2018.

Our aim behind the #tutorsofLGT campaign is to give light to to some of LGT Tutoring’s most dedicated and experienced tutors. In answering some of these questions and sharing their stories, we hope it will not only inspire our students, but also tutors who are just starting out.

We asked Alana some questions and here is what she had to say!

1. Out of all the tutoring you have done, what moment stood out to you the most?

“As an English Language Tutor with LGT, I enjoyed many moments whilst tutoring. What stood out to me most is when my English Language students had those light-bulb moments and say, “It’s so simple!”. That’s always so great to see, especially after they have been given a very convoluted explanation in their English Language class. I also remember getting a message from one of my students, ecstatic after getting almost 90% on her SAC, whereas her previous SACs ranged from 60-70%. Seeing improvements in their scores, no matter how large the improvement, always makes my job feel fulfilling!

2. If you go back and advise your younger self to do anything different while studying, what would it be and why?

“When it comes to study advice, I’d say to focus on understanding the concepts behind what you’re learning, and why certain concepts are named the way they are, rather than just memorising what you’re reading. This is particularly helpful to remember for subjects such as Biology and English Language.”

3. With over 50 hours of tutoring experience, what advice would you have for other tutors? 

“As an English Language and Biology tutor, I’d say I have found that each student is different, so try and tailor lessons appropriately. You’ll definitely need some basic subject materials, but add whatever you need based on who you’re teaching. The other most important thing is to listen! Ask them what they were taught during their tutoring class, what they found difficult and if there was anything that they wanted to discuss before you get started. I did this with my English Language and Biology students and saw great results!”

On behalf of LGT Tutoring, we want to thank Alana for answering those questions and all her continuous hard work.

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