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All LGT Tutoring High School Tutors Melbourne must meet our high standards for past Academic results, provide proof of VCE documentation, pass our rigorous application process, and carry a valid working with children check. We ensure that our private tutors are truly extraordinary and can teach students from primary school through to VCE.

All Our Private Tutors Carry A Valid WWCC.


Did you know?

Private tutoring is a $1 billion dollar industry in Australia.

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Okay, So Here Is How It Works...

1. Consultation Call

During this call, our aim is to find out about you or your child’s learning style, their history and how they are as a current student. We will also get information on your location and availabilities. You may ask any questions you have during this call.

2. Best Tutors Identified

Based on the information received, we begin contacting the best possible candidates from our team. Our aim is to have more than 1 tutor confirmed for your choosing & we will aim to do this within the same day.

3. First Lesson Scheduled

Your details are passed on to the tutor who will be in contact to formally introduce themselves and schedule in the first lesson. An LGT Account will be created for you & with that you will get a personalised calendar, lesson history tracker and payment portal.

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Our High School Tutors Melbourne Carry A Valid WWCC

Unfortunately, the tutoring marketplace is still filled with tutors who conduct classes without carrying valid working with children checks. Concerning enough, this also includes primary school tutors. By law, it is required for any individual working with minors to have a valid check. For this reason, all tutors with LGT are required to either carry a valid check or apply & be approved before their first lesson. Please click here for more information on the working with children check. 

Our Tutor Application Process (Rigorous & Long)

Designed to weed out the best primary and high school tutors in Melbourne we can find.
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It is possible for tutors to be incredibly smart, but not be able to communicate their understanding of the content well. For this reason, we have an extensive application, vetting & review processes. Here is a very brief overview:

1. A Tutor in Melbourne Submits Application (Inc. Subject scores, professional resume & references)

2. Application is approved if a tutor meets our strict criteria. 

3. Tutor must then complete training & pass tests at a satisfactory level.

4. Tutors must then sign contracts, upload personal details and provide proof of scores (copies of their official VCE documentation).

5. Their account is then reviewed by Joe Charbine, LGT’s General Manager.

6. Selected Melbourne tutors are approved, contacted and are welcomed into the team.

7. New tutors are subject to regular reviewing in the beginning, to ensure that students are enjoying their lessons.

8. Under-performing tutors are identified & not passed further students. 

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Melbourne's Brightest Young Minds

We are famous for our strict hiring of the brightest young minds in the city of Melbourne to tutor subjects such as Maths, English and Science. Our idea is…your child is being taught by mature-aged teachers for 30 hours a week, why bring the classroom home? Our tutors are the role-models students look up to, especially tutors who have produced the results they aspire to achieve. Click here to learn more about LGT Tutoring.

Why Are You Here?

In this video Timothy Hines, Head of Tutor Support at LGT Tutoring discusses some of the reasons students may be in need for private tutoring.

Past LGT Students

These students all conducted tutoring with LGT for over a year and graduated with exceptional marks.

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Raffaela S.

ATAR 99.50

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Raffaela received private tutoring with LGT throughout her year 11 and year 12. Incredibly, she was the school Captain, involved in many extra curricular activities and she still managed to be the DUX of her school with an ATAR of 99.50. In a recent interview with LGT, she said that her tutor “Jaymond was such a huge help, because if I was not getting things in class, I have my tutor there to fill in all the gaps”.

Raffaela’s unique story encouraged us to do a case study on her experience throughout year 12. We asked questions like how she studied, what her day looked like & her advice for other year 12 students. To read the full case study please click here 

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Brenton F.

ATAR 96.55

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Brenton received tutoring with LGT throughout his year 12 studies and graduated with an ATAR of 96.55. In his post ATAR interview with LGT he said “I was aiming for the 90’s, but I didn’t think I’d get a 96.55…”.

Brenton was offered a position with LGT to pass on his knowledge to future students – he accepted and went on to be one of LGT’s most active tutors in 2017!

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Tegan P.

ATAR 95.30

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Tegan received tutoring with LGT all throughout her year 12. She went on to receive an amazing ATAR score of 95.65 and contributed her success in part to the amazing help she received from her tutor Eliza.

Similarly to Brenton, Tegan accepted a position with LGT Tutoring and has been tutoring with us since early 2017!


A Message From LGT's CEO & Founder...

You know, after personally speaking to and matching over 1000 parents & students myself I have heard it all.

From the struggling student who has fallen behind all the way to the high achieving child who just wants to stay on top of their game.

Now I know, there are plenty of tutoring companies out there and even more solo-tutors to choose from. It becomes a struggle to choose the right person and so I want to reassure you that here at LGT Tutoring – you are in good hands.

Myself and our incredible staff will do everything in our power to assist you ever step of the way.

Leo Alhalabi

Leo Alhalabi

We're Here To Help

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testimonial from simone

Simone Spencer, Mother

“Jesi’s confidence has absolutely sky rocketed because all of a sudden now he understands…he’s engaged, he’s learning and his whole demeanour has changed. The massive difference with LGT, is that when I spoke with you guys – you understand that we had to match the tutor to suit his personality. We had to get the right person for Jesi, in order to take his education to where it is today.”

Simone & Jesi Spencer - Full Testimonial

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