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How To Choose A Childcare For Your Child

How To Choose A Childcare For Your Child


When you are searching for a childcare centre, the most important thing is that you find a convenient program that you can access when you need it, and which is also within what you can afford. Most importantly, however, you should choose childcare that guarantees the safety of your child and ensures that they are healthy and learning.


For you to find a childcare centre that supports your child, your ability to get to work, and your family, it’s critical that you find a high-quality program.


By getting high-quality care between age zero and 5, you can be sure that your child will be prepared when the time to start school comes. These early years are crucial because it’s during this time that children develop skills and learn attitudes they require to do well in school. 

But the problem is that identifying high-quality childcare is easier said than done. How do you ensure that the program is quality? Here is a guide on how to choose the perfect childcare centre for your child in Beaconsfield.


What to look for


Ideally, you want a childcare service that:


         Allows children the time to learn new activities and explore

         Provides valuable learning experiences and play for your child

         Sets reasonable and clear behavioural expectations

         Ensures there is consistent relationship and caring between the staff and your child

         Supports and nurtures all aspects pertaining to your child’s development, for instance, their social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development


Another important thing you want to pay attention to is the quality of the child care service offered. 




Does the childcare provider have enough trained staff that are available every day? What happens if the staffs are on vacation or ill? How do they supervise children? Do they use sights and sounds at all times, including when the children are asleep? Do they care for children in small groups? Are the activities offered proper according to their age group? Do the child-to-staff ratios and group sizes fall within the nationally recognised standards? For instance, there should be one trained expert caring for 4 children aged 13-35 months. A room containing 5-8 children of the same age should be manned by trained staff. 


Visit and ask questions


Doing research on the internet and reading reviews is not enough. To ascertain that the centre is high-quality and is good for your child, you need to visit the institution in person and assess it. Below are some of the things you may be interested in:


        Look around for items that might have an impact on the health and safety of your child. Specifically, you need to ask questions about the steps the centre takes to ensure your child is safe.


        Ask how properly the childcare institution is managed. The way a program is managed affects not only your child but also your family. 


        Also, ask the programme to explain to you the measures they have put in place to support the learning and development of your child.

        Remember that children are constantly learning, and the programme you choose must demonstrate the important steps they have taken to encourage this learning.


        Observe keenly how the caregivers interact with children. Children will learn best when they are in the company of a caring adult. You need to know how the staff will interact with your child when he or she is in their care. It’s important that you get peace of mind when at work and not constantly worry about your child.


        If your child is still an infant, it means it needs special care. In this case, it’s important that people who care for them are properly trained to handle infants. 




When looking for the perfect childcare Beaconsfield residents will want to pay special attention to whether or not a service provider registered or licensed by the local Victorian agencies? Do any outstanding violations exist? Is the facility currently accredited or is in the process of being accredited? 


Health professional


The facility should also have a qualified health professional, for instance, a nurse or doctor that specifically handles any health emergencies that might arise. If not, they should have proof that they are visited by a health professional at least once in a month for the sake of infants.


Programme information


Information regarding the operations, policies, and procedures of a child care centre should be clearly displayed and availed on request. The policies should be child and family-specific, and also sensitive to each family’s social and cultural backgrounds. 

These policies should be a child- and family-focused and sensitive to each family’s cultural and social background, lifestyle and child-raising practices. The information should include the following:

        The activities and education program offered by the service

        The name and phone number of the individual you should contact in case you have concerns or complaints

        The fees charged

        The contact information of the Quality Assessment and Regulations Regional Office responsible

        Staff qualifications

        The programme’s approach to behaviour management

        The name of the approved provider or proprietor

        Their license or even an approval certificate


Making complaints about childcare providers


In Victoria, complaints regarding licensed childcare programs are handled and managed by the Department of Education and Training.

In case you have a complaint or concern about an incident involving your child, the best thing is to report it immediately. You can do this through writing or in person.

The first step is to talk with your caregiver or the childcare about your concerns. It could the person who manages or controls the service, an approved childcare provider, or even staff at the service. It could be that your concern is nothing but a misunderstanding which could be resolved by a simple apology.

It’s important that your complaint is managed and responded to in a timely, effective, and discreet manner. Also, they are required to inform the Department of Education and Training within 24 hours if your complaints touch on:

        Inability to meet a child’s safety, wellbeing, or health needs

        Breaking or breaching the law


 Conclusion On How To Choose A Childcare For Your Child


All children, more so toddlers and infants, require a childcare setting that allows them to learn and grow.  They need a program that responds to their needs, and this includes time to rest and appropriate stimulation.  It is important to find a caregiver who can provide all this and more. To do so, a lot of research is required. You also need to start early, read online reviews, visit the centre in person, and check with the Department of Education and Training if the facility has any complaints. 

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