ATARs Are Out | A Message From Our CEO – Leo Alhalabi

April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018 Tutors Australia


2017 – What a year it has been…

I can only imagine how nervous you all must have been, waiting for this day to come. Well, it is finally here and I’m hoping that you are all happy with what you received.

On behalf of everyone at LGT Tutoring – every tutor and employee who makes what we do possible, I’d like to extend a massive congratulations to all of our students who today received their ATAR scores.

You have spent the entire year working away, dedicating countless of hours worth of studying and making many sacrifices leading up to your exams. For this reason, you deserve to pat yourself on the back regardless of the score you see in front of you. We say this each year, but it is important to reiterate that for those students who did not receive the score they were hoping for – there will always be another opportunity to secure your path. A score lower than you were anticipating just means that you now have the chance to grow, to reassess your focus and study strategies in the upcoming year.


At the end of each year I always feel the same way – I feel grateful for taking action on the lightbulb I had in my head to start a tutoring company. The initial idea was just to have a team of 5 friends and simple Facebook page, yet two and half years later LGT has expanded nationally attracting more than 300 applications from potential tutors in under 2 weeks.

So, now as you enter the real world – if I could leave you with one final piece of advice I would say:

Take immediate action on that idea you have in your head regardless of how big or small your first step may be and who knows, you too could be thanking yourself 2.5 years from now.

To all our students, we in the LGT Team are honoured to have been part of your progress this year — thank-you for trusting us to be part of your VCE. If you would like to publicly thank your tutor, feel free to include their name and review them here on our Facebook page.

Let’s Grow Together,
Leo Alhalabi


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