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April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018 Tutors Australia

The break is over…

It’s time to get your game faces back on, Class of 2017! Term 2 is known for being the term of redemption and second chances. If you didn’t perform as well as you had hoped in Term 1 assessments, there’s good news. There are many more opportunities and marks this term for you to vindicate yourself. On the flip side, if you were stoked with your first term, Term 2 is all about striving for more, going beyond your set goals and realising your full potential.

Smart Game

So let’s play it smart this term and talk tactics. The immediate priority this term is to rank as high as possible in SACs, as these actually partially contribute to the final score. SAC performance is always a combination of preparation and a bit of chance that the questions are synonymous to your revision. Now that you’ve had a few SAC experiences, mastering preparation should be no stranger, so let’s eliminate this element of chance.

Throughout the entire term, try to suss out a few things:

1. Who will be marking and writing your classes’ assessments?

2. What style of writing/answer format/type of explanation does the marker look for?

3. Does the SAC writer source their questions from another company or write their own?

4. What topics does the SAC writer think are important and will appear on the exam?

In the past, it was easy to ask “Miss, what’s going to be on the test?”, but you’ll very quickly find that Year 12 teachers will never directly answer this anymore. The best way to seek out the answers you need, is to ask your teachers subtly and in private.

Utilise your teachers

This term, try and make a conscious effort to see your teachers for 1-on-1 guidance, outside of class time, before SACs with questions and after SACs for feedback. You’ll not only be identified as a quiet achiever, who cares about their studies, but teachers will also be more willing to drop you hints for your own benefit.

Keep your head in the game, class of 2017, because even though the road ahead is still long, it’ll fly by in an instant.

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