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April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018 Tutors Australia

As our predecessors have all advised, “a failure to plan is planning to fail.” Not sure if they were referring to life in general, but this sure applies to the final year of VCE and your study success. Apply the following to your VCE/High School journey and you will be a study guru in no time.


Study Hack 1 – Work out what you can’t live without

Aka. let’s be realistic. There are some things in our lives we just cannot give up because of some unexplained internal obsession. Whether it be going to the gym, late night shopping, watching MasterChef every Monday at 7pm, or kicking back with the boys on a Friday night. It’s crucial you can identify what these activities are because in order for your weekly commitments to be consistent and a less “painful” experience…you’ll need to allocate time to continue these activities, otherwise, it is easy to lose motivation and feel the fatigue of burning out without anything enjoyable in your routine. Your study can always work around these “essential plans”.


Study Hack 2 – Prioritise

The simplest way to efficiently complete all your upcoming tasks in due time is to write a chunked list of things you have to complete in subject blocks. This way, when you sit down, you can visually see what’s due this week, as well as, upcoming assessments so you can focus on immediate assessments to relieve yourself of the stress and anxiety of knowing there is something due which you haven’t yet completed. Also, by chunking tasks into subject blocks, you can easily sit down and just complete everything from one subject at a time. As most tasks will somehow be topically interrelated, you can save time by only having to read things once or continue “in the concentration zone” of a specific idea, as opposed to starting it and having to revisit it later but forgetting the relevant knowledge for the task, leading you to spend extra time re-reading.


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Study Hack 3 – Write deadlines as n-1 days

In your diary, always write the due dates of larger projects or assignments that span a long period of time 1 day in advance from the real due date. This is a method scientifically proven to decrease stress because either way, if you have made or missed the deadline you have written down, you won’t be penalised. Ideally, the method aims to urge students to complete their assignment a day in advance to give that last day for checking, which offers a sense of confidence to the student. But, the method is also a “safety net” for those students who see the deadline written down but have an incomplete project. Instead of panicking at this point, there is the reassurance that there is an extra day until official submission so there is still hope, giving students that “second chance” which should be taken advantage of.

Apply these 3 steps and you will see a big difference in your results. Along with studying to understand the content of your subjects, we encourage you to focus improving the way you study. We hope you found this beneficial, feel free to post any feedback or questions in the comment section below.

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