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It is possible for tutors to be incredibly smart, but not be able to communicate their understanding of the content well. For this reason, we have an extensive application, vetting & review processes. Here is a very brief overview:

  1. Tutor Submits Application (Inc. Subject scores, professional resume & references).
  2. Application is approved and if a tutor meets our criteria they are conditionally approved.
  3. They must then complete training & pass test at a satisfactory level.
  4. Tutors must then sign contracts, upload personal details and provide proof of scores (copies of their official documentation).
  5. Their account is then reviewed by Joe Charbine, LGT’s General Manager.
  6. Selected tutors are approved and are welcomed into the team.
  7. New tutors are subject to regular reviewing in the beginning, to ensure that students are enjoying their lessons.
  8. Under performing tutors are identified & not passed further students. 

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