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Tutors chosen not just for academic merit –
but mentors for your child

What makes us unique at Tutors Australia is that our tutors are chosen for so much more than academic results. They are role models and mentors – the kinds of tutors we would want our own children working with.

Positive, inspirational and there for your child at every step – they will be fully invested in your child’s success – and this goes far beyond their results at school. We really care about so much more than marks – and this is evident in our 2000+ 5-star reviews from families just like yours.

In your home or online –
lessons when they suit you

No battling Melbourne traffic or fighting for parking – our tutors meet with your child in your home at a time that works for you or online anytime.

Everything we do is about making your life easier – working with Tutors Australia will give your family more quality time, less stress and an easier home life. Your tutor will be a partner in your child’s education, investing into them and bringing out the best in them.

How does it work?

Lining up an incredible Melbourne tutor with Tutors Australia is super easy.

We do it all for you. Book with us and we will have the perfect tutor matched with your child within 48 hours – and if you don’t love them it’s free.

Give us a call on 1300 083 203 or book online in under 3 minutes. From there we work with our team to match your child up with the perfect tutor based on their unique needs and personality.
In most cases we’ll have it sorted within 48 hours – but will keep you updated if there are delays.

We’ll confirm the first lesson with you by SMS and email and include a brief profile of the tutor we have selected for you to view. They’ll also give you a call to introduce themselves.
If the lessons are online we will send you details to access your online classroom.

The first lesson is a great opportunity to get to know your tutor, but they will also deliver an assessment on your child to get to know their unique strengths and weaknesses. They’ll put together a learning plan with some goals to work towards and send this to you by email.

We will check in with you after the first lesson to see how it went. From there you can submit payment details and line up the next lesson. We recommend consistent weekly lessons for best results
– but you are free to discuss scheduling with your tutor directly.

“Tutors at Tutors Australia are excellent. They are reliable and committed. They do advance preparation before lesson. Supportive and encouraging. Very knowledgeable and good resources to assist with subject. Definitely would recommend them.”

Lynda, Melbourne

How do we
benefit parents?

Having a partner in your child’s education is invaluable. We know how busy you are – so having someone else on your side to ensure your child is performing at their best is so handy.

No more nagging, no more arguing at home. With one of our tutors, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your child’s work is being completed.

Your child will thank you for it – and you’ll be so thankful you made the decision to invest in Tutors Australia.




Tutors Australia has exclusively recruited its best Melbourne tutors to join our team. These Melbourne tutors are not only experienced, but highly rated. To take this one step further, the educator chosen will be handpicked based on personality, experience and subject strengths by our team to be best suited for your child.

Our team behind the scenes will be following up with tutors weekly to ensure everything is running smoothly. As a parent, you will receive feedback by email after every lesson and a detailed progress report every 10 lessons.



$49 per hour lesson (inc. GST)

No contracts, prepayments or minimums

Love your first lesson or it’s free


$66 per hour lesson (inc. GST)

No contracts, prepayments or minimums

Love your first lesson or it’s free


I don’t want to commit right away, is there a trial lesson?

Your first lesson is covered by our 100% happiness guarantee – so if you aren’t completely satisfied with the tutor we have organised for you there is no charge for that lesson and we will work with you to find someone else. If you do choose to continue with your tutor (and we are confident you will!) then the first lesson is charged upon submitting payment details. It means you get to try us out without any risk and only pay if you choose to continue.

There are also no contracts, prepayments or minimums with us, so you can cancel at any time.

What if I am not happy with my child’s tutor?

Simply let our team know and lessons will immediately be paused and a new tutor will be organised.

Can I choose the tutor for my child?

We don’t want you to have to scroll through endless tutor profiles and then wait ages to hear back from each of them like you would at other marketplaces. We actually do everything for you – learning about your needs and matching up the tutor we think is the best match for them. Due to the high demand of our tutors we can not offer you a range of tutor options, but if you do meet the tutor we choose for you and you decide they aren’t right we can always find someone esle!

What kind of work will they complete during these sessions?

During these times, the primary focus will be to work on the homework and assessment tasks provided by teachers and ensure everything is complete. If your child is up to date, our tutor can begin providing additional work and slowly push them one step ahead of their class.

Do I need any special equipment for online classes?

A laptop/computer and webcam is all that you need. Our tutors will use our unique online classroom to conduct these lessons which can be accessed from any browser.

Is online education as effective as face-to-face?

Based on the feedback we have received from our tutors, parents and students – in some circumstances it can be even better. We include as much face to face-style interaction as possible – such as pop-quizzes, shared whiteboard and much more.

Are these sessions 1-on-1 or in a group?

All our classes will be strictly 1-on-1 with the entire focus on your child and their work.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

Any content you were due to cover will automatically move to your next session. As long as you give us at least 24 hours’ notice there is no charge for the lesson. If a tutor cancels a lesson, you will not be charged.

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