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#TutorsofLGT | Interview With Daniel Hamilton

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English Tutor | An Interview with Daniel Hamilton, This Weeks Featured #tutorsofLGT


As part of our #tutorsofLGT campaign, this week we are featuring one of LGT‘s top English Tutors, Daniel Hamilton. As a Platinum English tutor, she has conducted well over 50 hours worth of private tutoring and has earned her spot as one of LGT’s most active Tutors of 2018.

Our aim behind the #tutorsofLGT campaign is to give light to to some of LGT Tutoring’s most dedicated and experienced tutors. In answering some of these questions and sharing their stories, we hope it will not only inspire our students, but also tutors who are just starting out.

We asked Daniel some questions and here is what she had to say!

1. Out of all the tutoring you have done, what moment stood out to you the most?

“Being a VCE English tutor with LGT Tutoring for a couple years now, a lot has stood out to me. If I had to choose, I’d take it back to term 3 of Year 12, as I wrote an English essay piece when it hit me: why am I doing this? Why am I doing all this work for a ‘good’ VCE English study score? When that happened, I began to do school work I thought was meaningless. I’m sure every student has had this thought. But there is a solution, and it’s the most important thing I teach my students as a VCE English tutor: find your voice, use it, and never apologize for it. There’s no way I can adequately describe how awesome the relationship is between tutor and student. In 2017 I tutored Julie in VCE English as a Second Language (EAL) – she was an all-round awesome person and maths/science whizz. My tutoring highlight is watching her grow to have the audacity to voice (in her second language) what she thought. Rather than trying to emulate ‘high-scoring’ VCE English essays, Julie began to write her own contention and interpretation of texts. As a result of all the tutoring, she began to clearly express her own opinions and improved significantly as a result. One-by-one, through my tutoring classes, I try to teach young people that the best you can possibly do is to learn and voice what you think. No ATAR score is going to be as fulfilling as that, believe me. “

2. With over 50 hours of tutoring experience, what advice would you have for other tutors? 

“Tutors are typically known as high-scoring ATAR people who write your essays and hand out answers. If that’s all you do, you’re not an LGT Tutor. A real tutor enshrines the idea that you are an independent learner who has something valuable to say. I tutor VCE Further Maths, Humanities, Psychology, and all levels of English, and my approach is always the same: if you don’t have the confidence to think for yourself and act on it, then you’re never going to grow. I’d advise other tutors to take this approach especially with their VCE students. Have a clear focus in mind that you want to communicate to your students before the class begins. Try and go beyond the conventional private tutoring classes, fixated on subject-based learning. As a tutor you have the power to give your student something no ATAR or study score can – a voice. “

On behalf of LGT Tutoring, we want to thank Daniel for answering those questions and all her continuous hard work.


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