April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018 Tutors Australia


You need three things to get you through the next two months. Stock up on ‘Aldi’ chocolate. Delete all social media, especially snapchat (I shake my head as I can currently see my Year 12 sister taking a snap of cheese, which is totally a good use of her time). And lastly, download the new Taylor Swift album (don’t hate until you’ve tried it, that girl’s changed her style for the better).

Okay, I lied. Those three things won’t give you all the strength to beat VCE, but they do help. The following three words perfectly describe my last few moments before Year 12 was up.


Hard work,

Long-term goal.

Inspiration can come in two forms: positive and negative. You may have a role model, an older friend or parental figure, that has made it big because they paid attention in school or even flunked school, but found their passion in university. Unfortunately, you may not have found a motivational character that gives you hope or encouragement. So use the negatives to push through. If you feel like the underdog of your family, class or year level I’ll give you some tips. Those teachers, tutors or even parents that have given up on you, are not right about you. They do not know the full potential that you possess, or how hard you could possibly work. And you may not even have much faith in yourself and constantly deflate dreams or expectations to avoid disappointment. But I’m telling you, as a fellow underdog, you are capable of far greater things than you limit yourself to. You can prove everyone that doubts you, wrong. You are not forever labelled the underachiever, the black sheep, or the lost one.

Secondly, go give your long lost friend ‘work ethic’ a good kick out of hibernation. One thing I’ve found that is far superior to natural talent or intelligence is the level of determination you have. You aiming for a 35 in English? Sacrifice a little bit of your beauty sleep, practise an English mock exam a few times a week, and you’ll get 40. Struggling with maintaining even a mildly pleasant relationship with ¾ Methods, or worse, ¾ Specialist? Do at least three practise exams a week, and you’ll progress from just a random on your Snapchat friends list to a best friend. Sacrifice will get you where you want to go, and there is no pretty way to say it. If you want to get into the course you have dreamed of for years, or the profession you feel is your calling, then work harder, more efficiently and focus on the subjects you need to improve on. Because you do not want it to be too late, and regret the effort you put in.

I bet a lot of you want to do Medicine, but Chemistry may not be your cup of tea. Well, same here, but unfortunately it is a must, so go own that periodic table. You may not adore your English teacher, or even fathom how you could possibly finish three essays in the time! But there is no way around it, high school is made to torture (I’m kidding. Kind of). Think of it this way. High school is that stepping stone to a bigger life. High school mostly cages you in, restricts your views, confines you to the same friendships, hides away world issues and does not really let you grow as a person. So work hard in the subject you are forced to do, so that you can do something that excites you later in life.University is right around the corner, folks. And I reassure you; it is so much more freeing, stimulating and exhilarating than high school ever was.

So, let’s sacrifice these last couple of months, burn the ships…no turning back now. I wish you all the best of luck!

Thirushi Ganeshanathan

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