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Online lessons when they suit you. Book online in under 3 minutes and we’ll have the perfect online tutor matched to your child in 48 hours.

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No contracts, minimum commitments or prepayments. Every lesson is tailored around your child’s unique needs – no packed classrooms or generic workbooks around here!

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Safety First

Every one of our tutors passes our triple security check: a face-to-face interview, double reference checks and a valid working with children check. Your child is in safe hands!

Looking for an incredible Online tutor?

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Does your child struggle to keep up in class and their teacher has raised some concerns?

Are you so busy with work and other responsibilities that you just don’t have time to ensure they are on track at school?

Does your child lack confidence because of poor academic results?

Is your child ahead of their peers, but lacks the challenge at school to keep them engaged?

Is it a struggle to get your child to do any sort of school work at home?

Are they working to get into University or trying to get into a selective school?

If you answered yes to any of these then you are in the right place!

At Tutors Australia we match students up with the best local, hand-selected online tutors. Our tutors are chosen not just for academic merit, but for being role models and mentors – the types of tutors we trust with our own children.

Just one lesson a week for your child will bring you less stress, a happier home and more quality family time – and you’ll see your child flourish under the support of their tutor.



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Real reviews from real families:

  • Tutors at Tutors Australia are excellent. They are reliable and committed. They do advance preparation before lesson. Supportive and encouraging. Very knowledgeable and good resources to assist with the subject. Definitely would recommend them.

  • Excellent! I found Tutors Australia tutoring very professional and provided excellent service with great follow up. The Tutor is brilliant, he explains everything so well that my child is starting to excel and now really enjoys the subject that she was struggling in. I highly recommend them.

  • Nicole is teaching Business Studies to my son. She is an excellent teacher. I am glad that we found her through Tutors Australia. A significant improvement of his Studies thanks to her.Thank you Tutors Australia.

  • Fantastic service for all students! Parents can send their children here knowing that their child will be catered for and receive good help with their academics.


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Tutors chosen not just for academic merit – but selected to be mentors for your child

What makes us unique at Tutors Australia is that our online tutors are chosen for so much more than academic results. They are role models and mentors – the kinds of tutors we would want our own children working with.

Positive, inspirational and there for your child at every step – they will be fully invested in your child’s success – and this goes far beyond their results at school. We really care about so much more than marks – and this is evident in our 2000+ 5-star reviews from families just like yours.

With online tutors for every subject, from English to maths, Kindergarten to year 12, we have a tutor near you ready to help your child get better marks at school, grow in confidence and ultimately realise what they are capable of.

In your home or online – lessons when they suit you

No battling after school traffic or fighting for parking – our tutors meet with your child in your home at a time that works for you or online anytime. Lessons can be scheduled from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

Everything we do is about making your life easier – working with Tutors Australia will give your family more quality time, less stress and an easier home life. Your tutor will be a partner in your child’s education, investing into them and bringing out the best in them.

Online lessons take place in our custom built online classroom, where students can connect with their tutor via video-chat, shared whiteboard, interactive quizzes and more.

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Online Tutoring

How does it benefit parents?

It is easy to see how engaging a tutor would help your child – but have you considered how it would make your life easier too?

Having a partner in your child’s education is invaluable. We know how busy you are – so having someone else on your side to ensure your child is performing at their best is so handy.

No more nagging, no more arguing at home. With one of our online tutors, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your child’s work is being completed.

Your child will thank you for it – and you’ll be so thankful you made the decision to invest in Tutors Australia.



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These students worked with Tutors Australia during their final years of school and graduated with incredible results:

Online Tutor


ATAR: 99.50

Raffaela received private tutoring with Tutors Australia throughout her year 11 and year 12. Incredibly, she was the school Captain, involved in many extra curricular activities and she still managed to be the DUX of her school with an ATAR of 99.50. In a recent interview with Tutors Australia, she said that her tutor “Jaymond was such a huge help, because if I was not getting things in class, I have my tutor there to fill in all the gaps”. Great work Raffaela!

Best Online Tutor


ATAR: 96.55

Brenton received tutoring with Tutors Australia throughout his year 12 studies and graduated with an ATAR of 96.55. In his post ATAR interview with Tutors Australia he said “I was aiming for the 90’s, but I didn’t think I’d get a 96.55…”.

Brenton was offered a position with Tutors Australia to share his knowledge with future students – he accepted and became one of Tutors Australia’s most active tutors!

Melbourne Online Tutor


ATAR: 95.65

Tegan received tutoring with Tutors Australia all throughout her year 12. She went on to receive an amazing ATAR score of 95.65 and contributed her success in part to the amazing help she received from her tutor Eliza.

Similarly to Brenton, Tegan accepted a position with Tutors Australia Tutoring and has been tutoring with us since, seeing great results in her students of all ages.

Our commitment to you:

Tutors online

Tutors Australia has exclusively recruited the best online tutors to join our team. These online tutors are not only experienced, but highly rated. To take this one step further, the tutor chosen will be expertly matched based on personality, experience and subject strengths by our team to be best suited for your child.

Our team behind the scenes will be following up with tutors weekly to ensure everything is running smoothly. As a parent, you will receive feedback by email after every lesson and a detailed progress report every 10 lessons, and we will reach out regularly to ensure things are progressing as you had hoped.

Powered by Alchemy Tuition, Australia’s highest rated in-home and online tutoring, you’ll receive the best support from the largest network of accredited tutors in the country. We are 100% committed to your child’s success – evidenced by the thousands of reviews we have received from families just like yours.



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Subjects we teach:

English: Prep-12 English Online Tutoring In Melbourne | K-12 English Online Tutoring In Sydney | Prep-12 English Online Tutoring In Brisbane |

Maths: Prep-12 Maths Online Tutoring In Melbourne | K-12 Maths Online Tutoring In Sydney | Prep-12 Maths Online Tutoring In Brisbane |

Science: Prep-12 Science Online Tutoring In Melbourne | K-12 Science Online Tutoring In Sydney | Prep-12 Science Online Tutoring In Brisbane |

History: Prep-12 History Online Tutoring In Melbourne |K-12 History Online Tutoring In Sydney |Prep-12 History Online Tutoring In Brisbane.

Plus So Much More!

Our Online Tutors All Carry A Valid WWCC

All online tutors with Tutors Australia are required to either carry a valid check or apply & be approved before their first lesson. Please click here for more information on the working with children check.

Australia’s Brightest Young Minds

Our online tutors are the role-models students look up to, especially tutors who have produced the results they aspire to achieve.
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